NECesarry evils

I hate gear. I hate wasting time and money on products. But there are some pieces of equipment we can not do without on the water. We're not sponsored by any of these products, we haven't been sent any gear for free or paid to review them. 

I would like to re-enforce the fact that we have broken all but a select few pieces of equipment on our boat. We've ridden out a Hurricane and successfully SAILED through two tropical storms. The gear listed below are our reining champs of taking a beating along side us and have the ability to keep on swinging.


numero uno


This little girl has saved us several times over again. We've found ourselves in a couple tight spots, being able to get a message out to your ground team back on dry land is crucial when making a decision about your next step. 

We've had her in the cockpit every single day, fully submerged in salt water for days on end, blistering sun, and slammed across the boat by a rouge wave. The battery life lasts us a week at a time so we don't have to worry about it when it matters. I can't say good enough things about this product.


Numero Dos

SONY A6500

THIS little lady is not a necessity on the water. But. In order to compellingly document and produce quality content for our expedition, this camera can take a beating with the rest of us.

She's taken a couple sprays from the sea. We've dropped her. We've filmed in the middle of windless heat on the sea for hours.

If someone were to ask me what camera they should buy for their own expedition, it'd be her. We've put her through the ringer, she'll take whatever you can throw at her. And the shots are gorgeous!



Our true Ole Faithful. Again, she's been thrown agains the wall, dropped in the ocean and still plays underwater. When we were without an engine and power for two weeks, she held enough charge to charge our Delorme and still put out quality music.

She's our morale booster, when we're at sea music is what keeps us sane out there- especially during the storms we fight. Knowing we can count on her to play in any environment is one less thing to worry about. Knowing she'll charge our crucial electronics when we need it, puts our mind at ease when we need to focus on where the next swell or gust is coming from.